Hi, I’m Marcin

Photography is my passion, With it, I can share the way I see the world, capture in the frame what is invisible to the eye, emphasise the essence with the depth of field, add space by light, and save in time what fades in memory over time.

I find the greatest pleasure in nature photography. In observing animals in their natural environment, in learning about their habits and routines, in playing and conflicts. It is extraordinary to experience their power, strength, cleverness, agility, vigilance, sight, hearing and smell, which in a second provide more information to them than all the news services in the world. On the other hand, it is impossible not to notice the fragility and delicacy of Mother Nature in its clash with civilization.

I often see it during my travels around the world: environmental degradation, lack of our care for endangered species, disregard of the natural order, ruthless and thoughtless exploitation of waters, lands, forests…

If we don’t wake up, we the people, who call ourselves “proud”, the next generations will only be able to learn of many species from illustrations generated by artificial intelligence, with the annotation “extinct”.

I really want to be wrong.

For now, more journeys and expeditions are waiting for me. With a finger on the shutter button, I will visit, among others, Mongolia, Spitsbergen, Siberia. I will be happy to tell you about them with my photos.

Therefore, I invite you to discover the world as I see it, feel it and capture in my photography.